Controversies in Ankle Arthroscopy Basis. 

Thursday, 16th April at 16h (UTC/GMT +2 hours) 

Moderator: Jordi Vega (Spain)

- Anatomical basis of Ankle Arthroscopy. Miki Dalmau-Pastor (Spain)

- How do I perform Ankle Arthroscopy? Richard Ferkel (USA)

- How do I perform Ankle Arthroscopy? Niek Van Dijk (The Netherlands)

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PROGRAM of the session moderated by P Carvalho, MD

- Percutaneous, Intra-articular, Chevron osteotomy (PeICO) for mild to moderate Hallux Valgus, by J Del Vecchio (Argentina)

- Percutaneous Scarf : technique and preliminary results of comparative study with open surgery, by E Rabat and J Torrent (Spain)

- Why a percutaneous chevron ? MICA let’s do it, by J Vernois (UK)

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